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If you are the owner of a backyard pool, it needs to be winterized before the coldest months of the year set in. Here are some important steps to keep your swimming pool in good condition during freezing temperatures. Winterize a pool by following these guidelines.

Balance the Pool Water Chemistry When You Winterize a Pool

Before closing down your pool for the season, make sure that the water chemistry is at the correct pH. You should be balancing your pool’s pH regularly during the warm season, but the chemistry should be balanced when it’s not in use, too. Pool water pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6 all year round. The alkalinity should be between 80-120 ppm. After balancing the pool chemistry, shock the water with chlorine and add algaecide.

Remove Pool Accessories

Remove everything from the pool. Baskets, hoses, pumps, heaters, filters, and removable ladders should all be stored during the colder months. Clean the equipment and put it in a protected garage or shed for the winter.

Clean the Pool

Skim the pool to remove floating debris, scrub the walls, and use a pool vacuum to clean out the pool. Complete the process to winterize a pool on the same day that you clean the pool, to make sure it doesn’t have a chance to get dirty again.

Lower the Water Below Skimmer Levels

Lower the water to just below the skimmer level and jets to winterize a pool. Pools should never be completely drained in the winter. Maintaining a reduced water level protects your pool liner and prevents other damages from harsh winter weather.

Winterize a Pool Plumbing

You don’t want water in your plumbing pipes to freeze over the winter, and the same goes for pool plumbing. The water lines for your pool need to be dried out before shutting the pool down for the winter. A wet/dry shop vacuum can be used to blow out the skimmer outlet pipes. Then plug the lines in the skimmer and at the returns so that water cannot enter.

Cover the Pool

Any pool owner should invest in a sturdy pool cover that fits well, both for safety and maintenance of the pool. The last step to winterize a pool is covering it and making sure that the cover is secure.

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