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Power outages are uncommon, but when they do happen it is inconvenient. We rely on an uninterrupted supply of electricity, so it is challenging to function as usual when we lose power. To make matters worse, most outages are unpredictable and can last for anywhere from minutes to days. Start to prepare for a power outage now so that if it does happen, you are ready.

Prepare for a Power Outage in the Long Term

Invest in a backup generator so that you can continue to live comfortably during a power outage. These systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are powered by either a municipal gas line or a battery, and they are connected to the home through a switching mechanism that automatically turns on the generator when power is lost. This means that you maintain power for your HVAC, lights, and appliances even if the family is asleep or away from home. 

With a generator in place, your home can function fairly well in a power outage. Of course, a generator is a major investment. It may be a few years before you are financially prepared to install one. Until then, follow these tips for a power outage.

Leave the Refrigerator Closed

As an outage goes on, many people start to wonder if their food is going to spoil. They are tempted to open the refrigerator and freezer to check on things, but this is counterproductive. Refrigerators will maintain a safe temperature for up to four hours, but this time is cut down every time the door is opened. Unless someone in the house needs to take refrigerated medicine, leave the door closed while your power is out.

Stockpile Non-Perishable Meals to Prepare for a Power Outage

When the power goes out for a long time, perishable items will go bad. You will want something to keep everyone fed until power is restored. Prepare for a power outage by stocking up on non-perishable foods that are ready-to-eat or that you have an alternate way to cook. Keep a variety of these items ready for your family in the event you lose power.

The best option for preparing these meals is a gas range if you have one, but you will have to light the burners manually. Another option is using a gas or charcoal grill outdoors. Never grill anything indoors or even in a garage. This can be tempting during wintertime power outages, but it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Protect Communications

When the power goes out, the WiFi is gone and it’s just a matter of time until phones run out of battery. You want to be able to communicate, especially in case of an emergency. Invest in a rechargeable portable power bank that you can use to keep phones charged in a power outage and be sure to keep it charged.¬†

To prepare for a power outage, keep a battery-operated radio and plenty of fresh batteries in your home. This way you can learn about any updates if you are experiencing a weather-related event or natural disaster.

By properly preparing for a power outage, your family will get through even the longest disruptions with minimal inconvenience.

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