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As a homeowner, you’ll eventually face issues with the plumbing. Whether it’s a slow kitchen drain or the upstairs toilet won’t flush, plumbing can be frustrating. Before the problems get out of hand, look for these signs of plumbing problems in the home so you can catch them before costly repairs are needed.

Possible Signs of a Plumbing Problem

Toilets that Won’t Fill

A toilet that takes longer than usual to refill with water can indicate a problem with the assembly inside of the tank. The fix could be as easy as making a few readjustments, but if those tweaks don’t help, then you may have a problem with water pressure throughout the whole house. Low water pressure is sometimes a result of aging pipes and it’s best to call a plumber to assess the situation.

Slow Drains are a Symptom of Plumbing Problems in the Home

It’s common for shower drains to become clogged with hair and dirt, but those clogs can be cleared with a drain snake. However, if you notice that more than one drain in your home is not draining properly, then you could have a deeper clog somewhere in your pipes. This is something that is best diagnosed and handled by a professional.

Discolored Walls and Ceilings

Water damage that appears on walls and the ceiling means you likely have a hidden leak. Look around the discolored areas for signs of moisture or wet spots. You’ll want to locate these trouble areas right away and have piping tightened or replaced before the damage becomes serious. Take care of the underlying cause of the discoloration before you repaint or you may find yourself repairing the wall more than once.

Noisy Pipes are Signs of Plumbing Problems in the Home

Pipes are usually silent, but there are some odd sounds they make that suggest a plumbing problem. You might notice whistling, hammering, and vibrating sounds. Each sound points to a different problem, but noisy pipes can be fixed.

A Smelly Sink

When food becomes stuck in kitchen drains and garbage disposals, it creates foul smells that linger. In these instances, cleaning the drain or disposal with a drain cleaner, either store-bought or homemade (sprinkling about half a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of white vinegar) can do wonders. However, if the stench persists, you may have a problem with the sink’s drain vent or with the septic system.

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