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A home should be a safe place to relax and enjoy yourself. You want your family and friends to feel comfortable there. Take steps to maintain a safe and healthy home.

Maintain a Safe and Healthy Home by Keeping Your House Clean

The benefits of a clean living space are more than comfort and satisfaction. Dust and vacuum regularly to combat dust and improve indoor air quality. Keeping surfaces germ-free helps you prevent sickness. A clutter-free environment makes cleaning easier and less stressful.

Be Aware of Fire Safety

Fire safety and prevention is important in any space, but especially at home. Small appliances should be unplugged when not in use. Chimneys should be regularly cleaned. Keep candles away from curtains and extinguish them before leaving the house or going to sleep. Install smoke detectors every bedroom and on every floor of the home.

Storm-Proof the House

Storm-proofing is important if you live in an area prone to blizzards, hurricanes, or other strong weather conditions. Large trees overhanging the roof should be removed. Build a shed to store outside furniture when a storm is on its way. Waterproof your basement and make sure the grading helps water flow away from the home.

Install CO Detectors to Maintain a Safe and Healthy Home

Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless and has the potential to cause death before it’s ever detected. It is essential to have a CO detector on every floor of your home. The device will alert you to the the gas so you can get your family to safety.

Protect Children From Toxic Chemicals

If there are children in your house, be careful with any chemicals around the house. Household cleaners, paints, and fuels are toxic. Keep all cleaning products on a high shelf or in a locked cabinet, out of reach of young children.

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