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If you are headed out of town for the holidays, you don’t want to come home to any unpleasant surprises. Luckily, developments in smart home technology and home security can be applied to give you peace of mind while your home is empty. In this article, we go over some of the technologies that help your home security while away for the holidays.

Security Cameras Provide Home Security While Away for the Holidays

Security cameras are one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to home security, and for good reason. Security cameras monitor a specific area. Many of the cameras on the market let you monitor your home remotely. Place security cameras in strategic locations where one camera’s viewing angle overlaps the other. You can also add indoor security cameras, so if someone does break into your home, you can provide proof of what was stolen to your insurance company.

Security Doorbells

Some doorbells come with cameras that allow you to check the front door remotely. This means you won’t have to walk to your door and peek through the peephole to see who rang the doorbell. You can check by using your mobile device or through a monitor inside your home. This makes security doorbells one great idea for home security while gone for the holidays, especially if you are expecting packages to be delivered.

Motion-Sensor Lights

Exterior motion-sensor lights come in handy whether you’re at home or out of town. They are especially useful when you and your family are gone for the holidays. Place motion-sensor lights around your home near the decks, porches, and garage. A dark yard signifies to a criminal that no one is home, so the house is an easy target. Motion-sensor lights will likely startle anyone creeping around in the dark and cause them to flee.

Smart Timers

Smart timers for lights let you control your lights remotely. If a thief is watching your home, they will be thrown off by the fact that your lights turn on at different times throughout the day, making it appear as though someone is at home.

Home Automation Increases Home Security While Away for the Holidays

If you purchased security cameras, a security doorbell, motion sensors, and smart bulbs and are wondering how to link them together, you need a home automation system. Home automation is used for energy-efficiency and convenience in addition to home security.

Home Security While You’re Away

If you are planning to take your family out of town for the holidays, implement these systems before you leave. Modern technologies make it easy to monitor and control your home from wherever you are.

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