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Oil Tank Testing and Location Service

Many homes heated with oil have underground oil tanks. Testing of the tank is strongly recommended to determine if the tank is leaking and if any contaminated soil is present. Some homes may have previously been heated by oil and may have an unused underground tank. H&J Freile can schedule a tank test or search for you at the same time as your home inspection. Some homeowner’s insurance require specialized tank tests be performed by their preferred providers. Check with your homeowner’s insurance company to determine if they have any special requirements. Various test and search options are available for you to choose from. Some of the options and descriptions are listed below:

  • Tank Test: This test is recommended for anyone purchasing a property with oil heat and an active underground oil tank or Underground Storage Tank (UST). This test will check the oil tank for leaks. The test is EPA approved. Technically, the test is an ultrasonic precision tightness test. It uses a computerized probe placed inside of the tank to detect any leaks above and below the current oil level. When scheduled through H&J Freile, the test will also include an informational level soil test. The informational soil test uses a tracer which will detect minute amounts of hydrocarbons (a by-product of oil). This type of soil test cannot determine the amount of hydrocarbons or if the source is a petro-chemical (fuel oil).

  • Abandoned Underground Tank Location Service: Homes that were converted from oil to gas heat and even some homes still heated by oil may have an abandoned underground oil tank. Older properties are more likely to have underground tanks that were improperly abandoned before the present day environmental concerns and costly cleanups that evolved.

  • Tank Location Service: This service is recommended for anyone purchasing a property that was previously heated with oil-heat or a property whose historical use is unknown. The location service searches for the presence of an underground oil tank around the perimeter of the building and driveway using the latest electronic equipment. Special pricing is available for expanded searches and multiple buildings.

  • Soil Borings: This test is recommended for anyone purchasing a property with an active underground oil tank who desires a more extensive test for soil contamination or anyone purchasing a property with an abandoned underground tank that has not been properly decommissioned or certified as properly decommissioned. Up to four (4) soil samples are taken near the bottom of the tank. Typically three (3) sides of an active oil tank are sampled and all four (4) sides of an abandoned tank are sampled. The samples are sent to a laboratory for Certified Analysis.

  • Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection and Certificate: This inspection is recommended for anyone purchasing a property with an above ground oil storage tank or an oil storage tank in the basement. The inspection is a visual examination of the tank, tank supports, fill, vent, and supply piping.

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