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Lead Testing

Lead is the number one health hazard to children. Lead poisoning can damage the brain, kidneys, nervous system and red blood cells. Houses built prior to 1980 have the potential of having lead-based paint. The sale of lead-based house paint was banned in 1978. Don’t be fooled by recently painted homes! Lead can leach through the newer paint and easily become a hazard. H&J Freile can schedule lead-based paint testing for your home to occur at the same time as your home inspection. H&J Freile utilizes NJ licensed lead testing contractors who use state of the art equipment to detect lead paint through up to 8 layers of paint without damaging the finished surface. Lead-based solder, commonly used in copper water lines prior to 1988 and brass plumbing fixtures, still sold today, can contribute to lead levels found in public and private drinking water. As water travels and sits in the house water pipes, the water can react with the metal and lead can leach into the drinking water. H&J Freile recommends a 1st draw water test to check for the presence of lead in your drinking water.